Taking a Break

One of the things I preach to anyone who will humor me by listening, is the importance of taking a break when you need it. In your workouts, take a break and catch your breath as you need to. Working on your house or in the garden, take a break. Burning the midnight oil studying? Take a break. Writing for a blog that is all about thought and commentary, requiring constant creativity and staying on top of current news and events to be able to contribute something of value? Yeah, that’s going to need a break from time to time.

So Wilopower is going on a short hiatus. I’ve got a lot on my plate this time of year with work, a class I’m taking, my son finishing high school and making graduation plans as well as getting him ready for college in the fall, etc. And I’m feeling creatively tapped out.

If any of you have been kind enough to read a few posts here and there, nows your chance to catch up and binge my catalog if you’d like. But if not, just know how much I appreciate all my readers–for entertaining my thoughts, liking, commenting, and sharing.

I’ll be back hopefully sooner than later, but now is the time for me to cool my jets for a bit. It’s important to do that especially if you are doing anything in the creative field.

See you soon!

Photo by Dan Blackburn on Unsplash

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